Propelled, Inspired, Saved. 


Every now and then , there is a holy dissatisfaction that arises in the church(I am talking of the whole body of Christ here). Somebody just feels there is more to the move of God than we have ever known. That is a seed of revival. The Holy Spirit is dynamic and ever willing to take the church into greater dimensions by the hour. I pondered on why God was so angry with Moses’ generation that He wiped them all from the Earth, save Joshua and Caleb and I realized that it was because in that generation there wasn’t a hunger to enter Canaan anymore. Nobody was really dissatisfied with Egypt and so they kept thinking of their days there. Imagine getting engaged to someone who always talks of their ex. You will think twice before calling a wedding planner! I feel like we do that oftentimes when we get so comfy with what we have seen or done before. We have built entire belief systems for ourselves on elementary experiences and it is now hard to comprehend and appreciate deeper things. One thing I know God told me is this generation is the most endowed and powerful so far. You feel dissatisfied with where you are right now? Go before God with that hunger because it’s like a void only He can fill. I preached once and I said that every human is created with a need for God because if it wasn’t so , everyone would be right in their religious beliefs. Now that we have received Christ , we look forward to the times of refreshing (Acts 3:19). I feel it , there is stuff way deeper than we know. God said nations will borrow from us , so if that hasn’t happened yet we still got places to go. And a lot other promises  , but how does He give it to us? As far as we can see , like He said to Abraham. Let’s press on to inspire and set this world on fire for the Messiah because His mercies do not expire! It’s time somebody thought beyond what’s before them and yearned to go where the church has never gone before. Celebrating mediocrity is not a healthy exercise. 

This is  something God laid heavily on my heart, brethren. I will explain more…


Starting on where I left, I wrote about a hunger for deeper encounters and experiences. There is a reason why spiritual things are called mysteries. They can’t be deciphered by just mere physical understanding. The Book of Acts frustrates the apple-cart of theology and I now believe the Holy Spirit has a dope sense of humor. In Acts 2 , Peter says repent and receive the Holy Ghost , but in Chapter 10 Cornelius and his family and friends received the Holy Ghost before Peter converted them to Christianity. In Chapter 19, a group of believers get baptized in the Holy Ghost a long time after having believed. Analysis of these events carnally cannot give you the pattern of how the Holy Spirit operates. Doesn’t it amaze you that just 2 chapters after being baptized in the Spirit the believers were filled again and the place they were in shook (Acts 4) ? What I want you to know is that once you avail yourself to the Holy Spirit, there’s nothing new that will manifest without your knowledge. It becomes clear that from Acts 2, the Spirit was dealing with people at deeper levels progressively. Why we can’t understand or yearn for greater dimensions is down to how much catching up we have to do with the Holy Spirit. There’s no African Jesus nor greater God for Smith Wigglesworth or any other general whom God has used mightily. He is the same yesterday , today and forever. It’s amazing to do what  Jesus did , but He didn’t have to die for that. In Luke 10 , He empowered the disciples to do the same , but post resurrection movement now hinges on us doing greater. Christ thoroughly spoiled principalities and made void every ordinance against us (Colossians 2:12-15) and that is no joke. I personally find it funny that Jesus didn’t encounter the crippled man at the Beautiful Gate during His ministry but the guy had been there for forty years. How is this so, when Jesus Himself always went to the temple ? It means a 40 year old problem was awaiting a Spirit-filled apostle to deal with in seconds. There has to be something, some untapped glory that is in the kingdom of God. It’s up to you to choose between history and experience. Everyone born before 1960 in Zimbabwe witnessed the liberation war but not everyone fought in it. Some got the history part covered and yet some experienced. When the account of this season is given, which group of peopledo you want to be put in ? I choose to experience. God bless you.



So three years ago I was in Marirangwe for an interdenominational revival. I was well received by Tawananyasha Charles Machakwa, a very loving brother in Christ. and stayed at his place for four days. It was something else. I saw anointed preachers and saw God moving. God was with me as always as well when I ministered and boy, stuff happened! On the last day of the revival, my good friend Apostle Courage Chip was ministering when I heard God say, “Pray for the light skinned lady in a white top who’s seated at the back.” I quickly informed Apst Courage and he said it was okay for me to do so in the service. And then the lady abruptly left the auditorium at that moment! I was miffed beyond words. I was mad it would look like God didn’t speak to me. I was like, “God this isn’t on at all. Was this a pride test or what?” The service came to an end late in the afternoon and I tried to forget the “fiasco”.

In the last service of the revival which commenced in the evening, Pastor  Cleopas Kashoma ministered and wooo it was something else. After the preaching, I was deep in meditation while he prayed for people and then someone rushed towards me and knelt. It was the lady I had previously been told to pray for! To say I felt silly for being angry previously is an understatement. She said that she just felt I should pray for her. I laid my hand on her and deliverance began. Turns out she was being tormented by a demon. She almost threw up on my shoes but I just didn’t care. In a moment she was free and went her way, praising God. I was left stupefied beyond words. I later laughed about the incident with Tawananyasha but I learnt an important lesson: When God says it’s supposed to happen, it’s not your duty to worry about how or when. I know someone out there looks at their present circumstances and doubts if God ever spoke to them. Hold on buddy. It’s His word, He will ensure it comes to pass. God bless you beautifully. 


In the book of Acts Chapter 19, Paul’s Spirit-made itinerary led him to Ephesus where he found the area “evangelized” by Apollos, who knew nothing of the baptism of Jesus, that is the Holy Ghost infilling. So the Word had been preached but not preached yet. The devil isn’t worried about every minister, there are some stubborn blokes who get him out of his rocking chair. In Acts 3 after the Beautiful Gate experience, he stirred up trouble but in chapter 2 he wasn’t worried about people kaboshing (partly because tongues are a mystery even to Satan) without visible manifestation of power. Paul started a revival in Ephesus and that’s the first time we hear of miracles being done continuously through aprons and handkerchiefs that Paul touched. The power of witchcraft was destroyed and people burnt books on magic. The sons of Sceva started exorcism and met a humiliating demise for trying to function without unction. There’s one key statement that I liked from the entire chapter : The word of God grew mighty (prevailed) in Ephesus. Ayaya bala baya! Wow! There’s some level the word reaches in a place that it begins to prevail. The politics , economy and social systems experience a shift. In North Cyprus or any other nation, if the Holy Ghost experience doesn’t continue beyond the doors of the church, then the Word is yet to prevail. For so many years , what has been spoken is not the Word of God because if that were true , it would have been the prevailing wind in the atmosphere today. The Word of God is very territorial and dominant where it’s ministered in power , that’s why Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2 , I came not by enticing words of wisdom but with the Spirit and power. I want that , I want to write to you with the Spirit and power and stir you to action. It’s beyond writing skills and way more effective that way. If a city could feel the Word being mighty, how much more your family and your personal life? Hehe , I feel the Word doing something today in people’s lives. We shall pray and say: “God let your Word grow mighty as in the days of old, even more so now!” In this wonderful year, we shall breathe a new air with the Holy Ghost in the atmosphere. It’s time for every nonsense that wasn’t put by God to be uprooted. Just yield and let the Spirit do what He’s best at: effecting change. The Word of God has to wax mighty.

God bless you. I love you. 

Genesis chapter 24 is a special chapter of the Bible. When Isaac came of age , Abraham wanted the best wife for him and sent his oldest servant to look for a wife for Isaac. There’s something to note about  this action. Abraham wasn’t content with being blessed but he knew his blessing was as safe as Isaac’s wellbeing in everything. So many times we live in the now and don’t set anything in place for the next generation. I have seen something in Africa ; some people had quite a fortune  but when they died, it took less than a year for their wealth to go away. I think it’s time we looked at all we are doing and considered the future we want to feature in , and then ask if all we are doing is helping us get there.

Then the servant reaches the place and makes a peculiar prayer by the well: “God of my master , give me good speed.” Speed thrills and also does matter. Sometimes delay can be denial , ask Israel that. 40 years delay and all but two were denied the promised land. The grace to finish in good time prevents frustration from creeping in. Oftentimes our objectives seem impossible because it seems nothing is moving. God gives acceleration because Isaiah 40:31 talks of mounting up as eagles and running without fainting for those who wait upon the Lord. Many people have a mentality of”these things take time ” but I know from the Word that God’s word is quick and active. Light travels fast and spiritually light is revelation. So if we understand and receive revelation, we receive its characteristic called speed as well. Speed to accomplish , speed to activate things from the Spirit to manifest! This means we can no longer be made to stand in line in everything like a natural man has to do. There’s a special grace to get us through. May we have speed and not succumb to the weapon by the enemy called delay. 

God bless you. I just thought to share that insight. 


I was invited to minister at an all night gathering on 31 December 2012. I prepared for the meeting, which was going to take place in the rural areas and told myself that it was just going to be small and nice and then I would be home in the morning. 

Late in the afternoon, I got a call from the brother who was supposed to drive me to the gathering, Nicodemus Gumise, and he said he was having car problems. At that moment my faith peaked. I told him to lay hands on the car and I commanded it to start functioning in the name of Jesus. The car instantly came to life ! 6 hours later I was in the village  , feeling the anointing heavily upon my shoulders. Boy oh boy , what a service it was! I couldn’t even preach, God was performing miracles right in the middle of the sermon and the prophetic was ablaze. I prophesied to several individuals , demons checked out and ailments were healed. Several people gave their lives to Christ. People were baptized in the Holy Ghost and there was so much joy I couldn’t feel my feet on the ground. By the time I got in the car at 5 am , my hands were numb from praying for people. To this day, I remember that service as one of the best in my life. I’m still in contact with some people from that village. I want to go there again if the chance ever arises. Really, God’s dynamic nature is what has seen me through to this day. Working for my father is one thing I will never regret.

If you’re called and you know it, Go! Great exploits await. It’s not about where you are called to minister to, but where your heart is. God bless you. 


There’s something people called for great things do to themselves sometimes: running away from the place of assignment. Jonah had no trouble hearing from God, but his issue was with where he was supposed to deliver the message to. Imagine how a shy salesman can sell a product to people. Or how a resentful teacher can teach students and edify them in all aspects of life. I used to think it’s cool to be a phantom and maintain a great distance between myself and people, but it’s like shooting myself in the foot in the long run. If I am a preacher and my destiny is tied to God’s people, then I stand to lose if I shun people and try to rid myself of them at every turn. In everything we do, everyone whom God directs to us is a priority. The anointing is poured according to usage. How can you know you can raise the dead unless you lay hands on a corpse? There’s only one approach to ministry that works and that is APPROACH. It’s time to step up to the target and make impact. Too long have we been away from where things are supposed to happen. Christ said, “Go forth…”, not “Chill forth”. Don’t take it easy but take charge. In the Bible, Daniel and his buddies were taught and trained well in science , philosophy , politics and theology. Meaning it is God’s plan for the church to hone every skill for use in the world. So if you are into medicine or whatever, you’re good to go. There’s a place for you. Don’t dither and consider a million things. The church doesn’t need your light, Christ is enough. You are the light of the world. 

God bless you.



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  1. Im impressed by how God is usin you to change people’s lives .Through you God is revealing his power and presence.May He continue to use you mightly across nations


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